CompLaw Antitrust West Coast Conference 2023
May 11, 2023

On May 11, Axinn partners James Attridge and Lisl Dunlop spoke at CompLaw's Antitrust West Coast Conference held May 10-11 in San Francisco. Axinn partner Daniel Bitton served as conference chair.

Jimmy moderated a fireside chat with Manish Kumar, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Criminal Enforcement at the DOJ. He also spoke on a panel entitled, "Cartels: How are the Authorities Handling Them?" Panelists discussed artificial intelligence, algorithmic cartels and machine learning; procurement collusion strike force issues; Section 2 criminal enforcement; DOJ’s withdrawal of the information guidelines; and revised FAQs to the Leniency Program. 

Lisl spoke on a panel entitled, "A Mistrust of Mergers to Protect Future Competition." Panelists reviewed 2022 divestiture cases; the role of none price factors (innovation, pipeline, competition for talent); killer acquisitions; consumer welfare vs public interest; and trends in the use of economic analysis in mergers. 

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