Second Annual TLS Antitrust Clearance & Merger Enforcement Conference
September 21, 2022

On September 21, Axinn partner and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Leslie Overton spoke on a panel entitled, "Modern Considerations in Merger Reviews: How Public Interest and Social Justice Objectives are Impacting the Merger Clearance Process" at Transperfect Legal Solution's Second Annual Antitrust Clearance & Merger Enforcement Conference in Washington, DC. 

Panelists discussed the recently trending belief that competition laws can serve as a broad solution to many societal problems, including digital privacy concerns and labor protections. Panelists also explored several recent examples of this trend, including an unprecedented federal court holding that a conspiracy to fix wages can constitute a per se criminal violation of the Sherman Act, an antitrust indictment over agreements between competitors to lower pay rates, and public statements from US antitrust regulators to take more action to control market power and ensure that low-wage workers have the ability to change jobs and negotiate for better work and higher wages.

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