ACI 3rd Annual Post Grant PTO Proceedings Conference
May 10, 2017

Axinn partner Stacie Ropka and counsel Jason Murata will speak at ACI's 3rd Annual Post Grant PTO Proceedings Conference in New York City. Axinn is sponsoring this event.

Stacie Ropka will participate in a panel entitled, "Keeping Up-to-Speed with Cuozzo, its 'Properly Reviewable Shenanigans,' and Related Jurisprudence." Panelists will discuss claim drafting in light of the PTAB’s broadest reasonable interpretation (BRI) standard; analyzing the bar against judicial review of the PTAB's institution decisions; exploring the pending en banc review of Wifi One v. Broadcom and related cases and reviewing Phigenix, Inc. v. ImmunoGen, Inc. and injury-in-fact standing to challenge a final agency decision in an IPR.

Jason Murata will participate in a panel entitled, "A Deep Dive Analysis into Amending Claims in IPRs post-Aqua Products." Speakers will discuss reviewing the status of the en banc case; evaluating the burdens of proof applicable to motions to amend patent claims during an IPR proceeding; analyzing the denial percentage for motions to amend; determining the pros and cons of making a motion to amend claim during an IPR and predicting the outcome and its impact on future motions to amend.

Click here for additional information, including how to register for the conference.

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