UFC Antitrust Litigation: Monopsony in Labor Markets
July 19, 2018

On July 19, 2018, Axinn partner Nick Gaglio spoke on "UFC Antitrust Litigation: Monopsony in Labor Markets," a panel program sponsored by the ABA Antitrust Section’s Trade, Sports & Professional Associations Committee and Unilateral Conduct Committee.

Nick and the other panelists discussed whether the UFC (the largest MMA promotion) has used various exclusionary tactics, such as exclusive contracts with fighters, to eliminate its rivals, and maintain a monopsony for MMA fighter services.The panel addressed the arguments for both sides, in addition to discussing the larger issue of monopsony in labor markets—including sports leagues (such as the NCAA) and no-poach agreements in various sectors of the economy. Nick and the other panelists also addressed the application of the Rule of Reason, and the potential for balancing harm to workers (or athletes) with benefits to downstream consumers.

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