ACI 8th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Master Symposium
September 21, 2022

Axinn partners Aziz Burgy and Matt Murphy spoke at ACI's 8th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Master Symposium, held September 21-22 in Chicago. 

On September 21, Aziz spoke on a panel entitled, "Skinny Labeling: The Future of Carveouts and Analyzing the Influence of GSK v. Teva on Competition." Panelists analyzed whether a skinny label alone is enough to preclude induced infringement allegations; reviewed implications of recent decisions for induced infringement; devised strategic considerations of label language for inducement infringement; reviewed the approval of generic drug labeling; and assessed the flurry of follow-on cases in the courts. 

On September 22, Matt spoke on a panel entitled, "Revisiting Damages in an At-Risk Launch Scenario: Questions of Remedies and Valuation." Panelists revisited damages in an at-risk launch scenario and explored questions of royalties, lost profits, and exceptions findings; examined grounds for mitigation; and considered the practical consequences of the Supreme Court's WesternGeco decision on Hatch-Waxman damages awards.

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