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Mike Keeley in Reuters: "Most presidential hopefuls antitrust moderates"
January 13, 2008

In a follow up story to the New Hampshire presidential primaries, Reuters antitrust reporter Diane Bartz spoke with Axinn's Mike Keeley about his thoughts on antitrust issues and the candidates. In her article entitled "Most presidential hopefuls antitrust moderates," which appeared on January 13th, Michael reviews some of the candidates:

"If she (Hillary Clinton) is elected, 'there'll be a return to the Clinton era of antitrust, which was actually more centrist,' Of the Democrats, former Sen. John Edwards, who is struggling after defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire, was the 'most likely to be aggressive on antitrust,' and turning to the Republican race, former Arkansas Governor Huckabee, who won the Republican caucuses in Iowa and is one of the few non-lawyers in the race, is 'the biggest wild card,' said Keeley. 'There's really no track record there.'"

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