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Litigator of the Week Honors for Patent Trial Success
August 12, 2022

Matthew Murphy was honored in The American Lawyer’s “Litigator of the Week” column for Axinn’s trial success on behalf of Alvogen affiliate Norwich Pharmaceuticals in its defense of patent claims asserted by Bausch Health subsidiary Salix Pharmaceuticals. The column noted that the “key ruling” for Norwich, which is seeking to market a generic version of Salix’s blockbuster product Xifaxan®, led to a halt in trading of Bausch Health stock, which dropped more than 50% after news of the judge’s decision. The “Litigator of the Week” feature focuses on cases with “high stakes, long odds,” and “an impact, where the outcome matters to more than just the parties involved.”  

Other key members of Axinn’s trial team include Matt Becker, Aziz Burgy, Stacie Ropka, Rebecca Clegg, Ricky Camposanto, and Chantelle Ankerman.

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