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Axinn's Antitrust Practice "Highly Recommended" in Global Competition Review Survey

Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP’s antitrust practice is listed as “Highly Recommended” in Global Competition Review’s largest government antitrust survey, conducted at the American Bar Association’s spring meeting in Washington DC.

GCR’s Rachel Bull and Ron Knox’s survey and article, “Washington, DC’s leading firms for government antitrust,” highlighted top antitrust practices.

“Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP partner and Who’s Who nominee John DeQ Briggs was one of the first, and most senior, defections from Howrey when he left for Axinn in 2008,” Bull and Knox wrote. “Since then, Briggs and antitrust co-head John Harkrider have built a formidable and multi-faceted DC practice that…finds itself on deals much larger firms would covet.”

Bull and Knox noted that Axinn is historically strong in mergers, referencing the firm’s work for Google to buy ITA Software; the Department of Justice cleared the deal. “We can handle any transaction,” Briggs says in the article. “There’s nothing we can’t do.”

The article was featured in GCR’s May 2011 issue (Volume 14, Issue 5). GCR is a leading antitrust and competition law journal.

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