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IP Litigation: Fran Morrison Comments on Qualcomm Legal Issues in Wall Street Journal and The Recorder
September 10, 2007

Fran Morrison spoke with Don Clark, investigative journalist for the Wall Street Journal about Qualcomm's continuing legal problems- in particular, a cache of non-disclosed evidence in the form of 21 emails.   "This is every trial lawyer's nightmare," says Francis H. Morrison, III, a lawyer for Axinn who isn't involved in the case."  The article, "Recovered Emails Bedevil Qualcommin Court," was featured in the Marketplace section in the October 9th issue.    The Qualcomm legal battle with Broadcom provided The Recorder with an opportunity to speak with Fran about the world of big IP fees.  "'The rate disparity between the top attorneys at the two firms may be an indication of how different those legal markets are', said Francis Morrison III, an IP litigator with Axinn in Connecticut.  Morrison wasn't surprised by the fees, but said many outside the legal profession would find it steep.  'A human being getting $800 an hour for something is a lot," he said. 'Lawyers do wonderful things for clients. But we're not doing neurosurgery at the nearest hospital.'"  

The article, "Dispute Between Broadcom and Qualcomm Provides Window Into World of Big IP Fees," is in the September 10th issue.

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