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Repeat recipient of BTI Client Services “All Star” Award based on repeat nominations by Fortune 1000 Chief Legal Officers for “client focus, delivery of results, and exceptional understanding of clients’ business (2005-07)

"Great Courtroom Lawyer” (GCR, December 2007)

Featured by Global Competition Review as one of a small number of antitrust lawyers enjoying “A Decade at the Top.” (Aug. 2007)   

“The Best of the Best” and a “Washington, DC Superlawyer” (2004-2014)

“Best Lawyers in America” each year since 2005.       

John Briggs is one of the most accomplished competition lawyers of his generation. For more than thirty-five years, Mr. Briggs has been counsel of choice for the many companies mentioned below to protect their balance sheets and strategic interests from governmental and private threats.

He is Co-Chair of Axinn’s Antitrust Group and Managing Partner of the firm’s Washington, DC office. His practice is focused on antitrust (mainly mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and private treble damage actions)  and other complex civil litigation (mainly parent/shareholder liability, business torts and contracts)

»    In mergers, he has considerable regulatory and trial experience having  represented one or both merging parties in fully litigated successful merger cases against both the FTC and the DOJ and having been   engaged as Special Trial Counsel by the Comptroller of the Currency to intervene and defend at trial a bank merger approved by the Comptroller and [unsuccessfully] challenged by the DOJ) ;

»    He successfully  opposed the combination of GE and Honeywell before the European Commission on behalf of a major US  company

»    He has shepherded through the FTC/DOJ and foreign review process dozens of substantial transitions on behalf of the several  companies identified below, including the successful management of a great many “second requests”.

»    In non-merger litigations he has handled, as lead counsel, antitrust and other complex business disputes in the federal or state courts of more than twenty states and has been lead counsel on appellate matters in the Supreme Court and in the Second Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, Eleventh, and Federal Circuits, as well as many State appellate courts. .  

In addition:

»    He has served as a testifying expert witness on U.S. antitrust law at the behest of companies and law firms in proceedings around the world, including Australia, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

»    He established from scratch a 60-lawyer office in Brussels for his former firm, whose antitrust practice he headed, and as a result practiced in Brussels for much of his time during the years 2001-06.

»    He has been a frequent commentator on matters of antitrust law and policy on NPR, CNBC, CNN and for the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and other media outlets.

The following companies have selected Mr. Briggs as their lead counsel in connection with matters of importance to their balance sheets and strategic interests:

»    Hexcel in its successful defense of a large contract claim by Hercules in the New York Supreme Court and in its ongoing pursuit of a price fixing claim against BP in California federal court.

»    The Affinia Group and Wix Filtration in an ongoing multidistrict price fixing class action pending in Chicago.

»    Tomkins plc in the successful defense of a price discrimination case in federal court in New York (2011) and in an ongoing proceeding involving the joint  and several liability of a shareholder for the infringements of Article 81/101 by a former subsidiary.

»    Independence Blue Cross in connection with: the sale of its PBM subsidiary in 2010; the federal approvals of its proposed consolidation with Highmark, Inc in 2008; its successful defense of a claim for monopolization and monopolization brought by a local hospital (2003); and various ongoing matters.

»    Merck in connection with the defense of antitrust claims made against it by plaintiffs claiming to have been injured by the company’s assertion of legitimate patent rights and in related counseling matters (2002-10).

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