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Chad Landmon Discusses Novartis’ Exjade® with Pharmawire
April 16, 2009

Novartis’ Exjade, one of only two orally administered iron chelators, may be attractive to potential generics, but exclusivities in place may limit the scope for a patent challenge, Pharmawire reported. Because there is a potential for another iron chelator, Apotex’s Ferripox, to receive approval in the U.S. by year’s end, pharmaceutical attorneys agree that the market for a generic version of Exjade may be constrained. Chad Landmon, Chair of the FDA practice at Axinn, noted that upon approval of its NDA, Apotex could strategically go to payors and try to get them to favor Ferriprox over Exjade. In doing so, this could deter generic companies from aggressively filing an ANDA on Exjade, Landmon noted.

This article, entitled “Novartis’ Exjade could be attractive to generic challenge though approval of Apotex’s Ferriprox in US could constrain market,” was published by Pharmawire on April 16, 2009.  Click here for a copy of the article:

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