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Chad Landmon Discusses Court Rulings and Patent Law Reform with Thomson-Reuters
March 23, 2009

High-tech companies are pushing Congress for patent reform, although they have already won some reforms in court rulings. These rulings have lessened the likelihood of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issuing a bad patent, and have also made it more difficult to take a weak patent to a friendly court or use it to win a huge settlement. Axinn's Chad Landmon commented on the improvements to patent quality, which may eliminate the need for outside review saying, "This takes a little pressure off the need for post-grant review." Landmon also stated that despite the court rulings, Congressional reform is still needed. "The patent reform goes further. And maybe more importantly, it's done by statute so the courts can't undo it later."

The article, entitled "ANALYSIS - Courts Faster than Congress in Patent Law Reform," was published by Thomson-Reuters on March 23, 2009 and picked up in the International Herald Tribune and the U.K's The Guardian.

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