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Axinn Partner Chad Landmon Discusses "pay-for-delay" Legislation in White House Health Care Plan
February 25, 2010

Current White House support for limiting the practice of so-called reverse payment deals is making "pay-for-delay" legislation inclusion in the final health care bill likely, industry experts and Capitol Hill sources told Pharmawire on February 25, 2010. A slew of lawsuits the FTC has currently lost, or is involved in, are also making the legislation more likely in the final bill. Axinn Partner Chad Landmon noted that, “The language, if passed, could also signal the end of such deals for [companies] that have engaged in ‘pay-for-delay’ settlements in the past.”

The article, entitled, “White House support to limit pay for delay makes inclusion in final health care bill more likely – analysis”, was filed by Pharmawire on February 25, 2010.

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